Saturday, September 15, 2007

Blogging class and a new uploaded video section!

We had the wonderful opportunity to give a presentation to the great folks at Art Space this past Monday evening. It was a really great primer introduction into blogging and what it means to your online marketing experience. While the possibilities can be a bit overwhelming, most blogs start new and small. Keeping that small, clean design is much preferred than a more cluttered blog environment.

The rest of the week was spent preparing a Mitigation Demo video for the Indiana Public Defender's system. With the kind assistance of Albert Stork and Darby Casey - we were able to create a sample video of what a mitigation production might look like. I created a new section on the website - dedicated to small video production work that I've been working on. Check out the new section here.

I'm looking forward to a brief break Saturday so that we can run down to nearby Delta, Colorado and perhaps a picnic in some "up and out of the way" place between here and there.

It was a good week and we're looking forward to the upcoming projects. September has become quite a busy month!

Take care!

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