Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Why and What Should I Blog as an artist?

Why Should I Blog as an artist?

Marketing is the main reason. The following points all bring it back to a blog is good for marketing your art.

  • It is the easiest way to keep your website fresh and new without needing to revamp your website constantly. Fresh content means visitors will be more apt to re-visit your website to check out what’s new.
  • It creates a personal experience for both the visitor and you. Your vistors/customers see "behind the scenes" of your work, your art and your mindset. A visitor – goes to the gallery - they look at the piece and go: "that’s cool." And then walk on to the next piece. A blog allows you the opportunity to discuss the piece – what was the inspiration, the state of mind or emotion that went into the piece.
  • Communication and networking with not only people locally but world wide.
  • Easiest way to get on your art on the web. CAVEAT: you SHOULDN’T be treating the blog to be your "end all, be all" A blog should be ENHANCING your online presence and not become it’s only presence. Your blog should be a piece of your online presence.

What Should I Blog as an artist?

  • First and foremost - show off your art. Finished pieces or
    progress of a piece or series.
  • Tell about your experiences and thought process on your work.
  • Share what inspires you - a story in the newspaper nature, something you found at a flea market. Whatever it may be share it.
  • Share your knowledge tips and techniques associated with your works and the art business.
  • Share your daily life (within reason).
  • Share your upcoming shows, events or anything else significant in promoting your art.
Your visitor wants to get to know you and the art you create. Each of those things will help you bring them back again and again. And also of course buy your art.

this is part of the brochure that we handed out in the blogging class

Blogging for the Artist
copyright Reflecting Time Productions

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